Buying condos or apartments in Bangkok

Buying condos in Bangkok is one task, renovating them is another challenge altogether. If all goes off without a hitch, it can be a rewarding and fun project. On the other hand it can turn into a costly nightmare and if you arent careful, your plan to dress up a cheap shell and make a quick profit can turn sour. Continue reading “Buying condos or apartments in Bangkok” »

Almeria property

Buying properties in the City of Almeria

The city of Almeria is located at the foot of a mountain range which is crowned by the magnificent Alcazaba, an Arab fortress built by the Calph of Cordoba, Abder Rahman III with three huge walled enclosures (in the second of which are the remains of a mosque, converted to a chapel by the Catholic kings). Continue reading “Buying properties in the City of Almeria” »

bulgaria property

Bulgarian Property Investment Tips

This is the best way to describe our tours of this region. The Bulgarian tours are very different from the traditional “Spanish Property Inspection Trip” and you have to bear this in mind. Our Bulgarian associates are very professional and ambitious but thay are working in a very new system and at times it harks back to Communist Russia. Continue reading “Bulgarian Property Investment Tips” »

dubai property4

Sell Dubai Properties

At a time when the worldwide economic downturn is presenting unique challenges and opportunities to the residential property market in Dubai, it makes sense to work in partnership with a professional company of real estate agents who are the acknowledged market leaders in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E), when you want to buy, sell, rent or lease your residential business or industrial premises.

You can be confident that our in depth knowledge and expertise in the Dubai  real estate market means that buyers are in no doubt that when they come to us, they will find investment opportunities that are risk free, and at a fair price. Continue reading “Sell Dubai Properties” »

Chico Real Estate

Chico Real Estate and Home Values

Getting the right price for your home can be a tough task but it can be achieved with hard work and effort. If you need to find your home value in Chico, California you need to consider additional factors that are also responsible for affecting your home sale prices. By knowing the most appropriate and accurate price of your home, you will be able to attract more potential buyers for your home. Continue reading “Chico Real Estate and Home Values” »


VA Home Loan Refinance Rates

Buying a home can be one of the most exciting times of a person’s life, as it is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make and is probably the place that you have selected to raise a family at. However, the bulk of people do not have the funds available to entirely purchase a house and therefore get a loan, usually putting around twenty percent down and getting a thirty year mortgage. Continue reading “VA Home Loan Refinance Rates” »

Real Estate Investors

Short Sale Basics for All Real Estate Investors

In the mortgage industry, the term “short sale” refers to the process of a bank holding a mortgage to accept less than the seller owes on that mortgage in exchange for the deed on the property. For example, John Smith owes $100,000 on his mortgage and is unable to make the regular monthly mortgage payments and it goes into foreclosure. If you are interested in the property, you can sometimes negotiate with the bank to accept $70,000 -80,000 on the mortgage, rather than have the bank take over the property through the foreclosure process. In the scenario above the bank wins because they are able to dump the property before they own it and have to deal with selling it. In addition, you as the investor win if you can then turn around and sell that property for its fair market value to someone else. Continue reading “Short Sale Basics for All Real Estate Investors” »

Quick House Sale

Quick House Sale : You Are Saved From The Hassles Of A Sale Chain

Reasons can vary as to what landed you in a financially crunch situation and you may be looking for a quick remedy out of it. House sale is one of most viable solutions to take care of your cash-shortage. At such times, quick house sale gives you the facility of a guaranteed sale that is quick as which meets the time-bound demands of the situation. Continue reading “Quick House Sale : You Are Saved From The Hassles Of A Sale Chain” »