Buying condos or apartments in Bangkok


Buying condos in Bangkok is one task, renovating them is another challenge altogether. If all goes off without a hitch, it can be a rewarding and fun project. On the other hand it can turn into a costly nightmare and if you arent careful, your plan to dress up a cheap shell and make a quick profit can turn sour.


There is no shortage of apartments in Bangkok, in fact the market is practically flooded with units, but many are abandoned, bank repossessed or in undesirable buildings. Others have been beautifully decorated, even if the style is a little outdated, and this significantly changes the price or rent amount. Often, foreigners buy a dated unit and immediately set about renovating their newly acquired apartments.

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Renovating apartments in Bangkok isn’t expensive and there are many competent craftsmen and builders available, but finding a reliable and conscientious one can be difficult. Most foreigners rely on word of mouth from other equally discerning owners. In Bangkok costs vary wildly according to the quality provided, delays and mistakes, materials used and, indeed, your skill at bargaining. Invariably it is those who have a Thai spouse or friend to help with the instructions, bargaining and supervision that get the most satisfactory results.

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When renovating or decorating Bangkok apartments, a frequent complaint from those undertaking building work is the attention to detail from artisans and craftsmen. Typically lots of effort is made on superficial appearance, but on closer inspection you discover sloppy work, messy painting, poor woodwork and sometimes downright stupidity, like putting doors on the wrong way so that light switches are obstructed.

Bangkok condo

The positive and exciting part about decorating and renovating Bangkok apartments is the wide range of materials, fixtures and fittings available. One of the most popular sources is Home-Pro, which can be found throughout the city. There are numerous suppliers of quality imported and local tiles, light fittings, flooring, electrical fittings, decorative fixtures and so on.