Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe and at the same time one of the most populated with over 170 nationalities living together in perfect harmony. Some even say Luxembourg is everything that the European Union stands for and as such is an example to be followed.

That’s all true and that’s all great. However, all that praise and its phenomenal economy created a surge of people that want to work and live in Luxembourg. The surge of new people is not the issue, the greater issue is where to find living for all those folks? The demand heavily outbids what is on the residential real estate market. Here we will present a set of steps that can help you find and rent a studio in Luxembourg.

rent a studio Luxembourg

Where to look?

There is no guidebook, no rules here as you need to look everywhere you can and use means at your disposal. Remember, there are hundreds if not more people looking for the very same thing as you. In most cases, it is first come first serve basis. Therefore, being efficient in your pursuit for a studio, an apartment, or just a simple room is of utmost importance.

Find as many real estate agencies and check out their listings. There are only a few good ones in Luxembourg and won’t take too much time to go through their listings and see what’s available that suits your preferences.

Online and paper ads can be also very effective in your hunt for a home in Luxembourg. Newspapers in Luxembourg are in French, German, or Luxembourgish, the official languages. However, most online portals that host real estate ads are in English as well.

rent a studio in Luxembourg

Where not to look?

Don’t bother searching for street signs. Luxembourg is not different than the United States or other countries where buildings and houses have rent signs on them. The signs are rare because there is no need for them. Any residential real estate is “grabbed” the moment it hits the market as the demand is massive.

Therefore stick to online ads, newspaper ads (if you have someone that speaks the local languages), rental agencies, and maybe if you know someone that knows a perfect place for you.

What to do after you find a place, or maybe a few?

Well, in that case, prepare yourself like for a job interview and hope that the landlord likes you. Yes, sometimes the landlord chooses who he or she likes the most. In most cases, there isn’t a bidding war or anything like that, but you do need to make an impression of someone that is ready to commit to a longer period, will preserve the integrity of the studio, and won’t cause any troubles. After all, it is their property and they want to ensure it is in the hands of someone trustworthy and honest.

In Conclusion

The moment you spot an appointment with either the real estate agent or the landlord, you seize the opportunity. Of course, you need to be presentable and must not do anything that might anger the landlord or the owner. They are there to rent their property as soon as possible, but not at any cost and to anyone. So keep that in mind and you will be able to find a nice studio in Luxembourg.