Let’s take a little journey to Miami shall we just think of the white sand beaches the teeny-weeny bikinis the Cuban food yes Miami is a melting pot of cultures but one thing is for sure from the food to the people the city is beautiful all around why else do you think rappers golfers and models from all over the world flock to this city and what do all these rich people need extravagant places to live and Miami is home to some of the most absurdly lavish waterfront properties in the country even put up against its West Coast rival Malibu in fact I’ve been thinking of making the move to Miami for years now today let’s take a look at the 5 most expensive properties for sale in the Magic City¬† our number-5 house the least expensive on our list rings in at 39.

95 million dollars that’s right we’re starting at almost 40 million I did say Miami was a rich City for rich people in bikinis or you know something to that effect so what does 40 million dollars give you in Miami if you’re on this star island it’ll land you a massive waterfront villa with ten bedrooms ten and a half bathrooms and 20,000 square feet of living space this house is a Rococo explosion mixed with modern touches of wood and a lot of white white marble countertops in the gourmet kitchen for extravagant white staircases just in the living room alone white arched columns on each of the outdoor patios this home was completely renovated in 2017 and whoever did it certainly liked the color white but a lot although I can’t argue it does give the home a rather airy feel even with some of its more ostentatious features in typical Miami fashion this home has a stunningly lush manicured lawn with waterfront views and access to be specific 255 feet of waterfront access perfect for your yachts jet skis floating bouncy houses you know whatever you’re into the house also has a gorgeous pool complete with four fountains after all what Venetian style home is complete without a statue of a small cherub playing the horn while riding a fish that’s spitting into the pool in addition to the bathrooms and gorgeous entryway the home also has the most impressive at home gym on our list complete with mirrored walls the room is ready for yoga cycling and weightlifting without ever leaving the house number four 700 car serena concours forty-five million dollars our next home brings us to Coral Gables where all the remaining houses on our list reside LeBron James JLo Matt Damon cher and several other celebrities call this city home and hopefully yours truly will be two at seven hundred car serena concours you will find an impressive mansion selling for forty-five million dollars with six bedrooms seven bathrooms and two half baths the seventeen thousand twenty-five square foot house has a lot to offer perhaps showcasing the most beautiful hardwood floors on our list this home carries the wood all the way through into its built-in windows buildings and many spiral staircases the home prides itself on integrating native species throughout the courtyard and home as well as crafting coral rock ways which were harvested on-site that wind through the mini patios the home has a quiet library several fireplaces and deep bathtubs with views for a cozy night in however if you’re planning to party Miami style you’re in luck seven hundred car Serena concours has a massive family room that empties on to one of its mini patios a two thousand bottle wine cellar a bra and a massive private service wing and elevator for the help if you feel like getting really weird I’m fairly certain you can fit an entire party inside the shower at this place I mean look at that thing naturally the outdoor space is to die for there’s a stunning pool as well as three hundred and fifty five feet of waterfront access which includes a boat Inlet for hitting the bay number three 150 our vida Parkway 48 million dollars at 150 our vida Parkway we’ve got a 6 bedrooms 7 baths two half baths mansion for 48 million dollars so what makes this house 3 million more than the last house on our list for starters the home has a capacity of 2,200 bottles in its wine cellar that extra 200 bottles certainly has to make a difference right if the wine cellar doesn’t quite satisfy the home also has a wet bar crafted out of Makassar wood a rare evany wood found only in Asia upon entering the home you’ll find yourself in a foyer with a marble staircase that winds up to an office and formal living room nothing informal here not for 48 million the bedrooms in this home are of feet themselves with two master closets and the morning bar which is perfect for breakfast in bed no more traversing your 10,000 square foot home for a cup of coffee the outdoor section of the home is quite impressive the home boasts an infinity pool with a waterfall feature as well as several beautiful patios with chandeliers and outdoor kitchens there’s 200 feet of water access directly on Biscayne Bay as well as an additional 200 feet on a private inlet which is perfect for boating number 221 Cass arena concourse forty-nine point nine million dollars our runner-up for the most expensive home in Miami comes in at forty nine point nine million dollars and it brings us right back to castle Rina concourse just think if you had 100 million dollars laying around you could buy two homes on the same street though the title is the most expensive home this property is the true star of this listing the home is a nine bed 11 bath but this property is rather proud of its 4.

5 acres the largest parcel of land found within Gables estates and my what a stunning 4.5 acres it is there is 630 feet of water frontage because chances are if you can afford this house you can afford a boat or two the yard is landscaped with dozens of palm trees and native plants however perhaps the most exciting thing about the yard is the tennis court and soccer field found on it nothing screams wealth quite like your own waterfront tennis court am i right the home also boasts a private beach right on the water ah I can picture myself nestling under those palm trees with my feet in the sand I think it all hang out with a drink in my hand I digress additionally the home has two boat lifts and storage on-site for any jet ski boat or pool floatie you could ever dream of [Music] number one 8901 RV d’Alene 55 million dollars finally we’ve reached it the most expensive home for sale in Miami and quite a home it is listed for 55 million dollars there’s a lot to unpack in this mansion the home has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms but they are quite phenomenal rooms the bathrooms all have massive tubs with views of the water there’s even bedrooms that’ll accommodate far whatever you do in one of those the home bleeds opulence every doorway is arched every window is arched SIA can swing from room to room to room endlessly there is of course a gourmet kitchen as well as a separate bar in the parlor that leads out to the ocean view patio there’s a private gym a guest villa with its own kitchen and living room and a private movie theater complete with velvet curtains plus chairs and the second horse statue on our list though there’s no denying the inside of this home is beautiful the outside is otherworldly the 2.

3 eight acre estate is coated in carefully cultivated landscaping that features six hundred and seventy four different plants you’ll have a nice long stroll down this brick lined winding walkway under the palm trees on your way down to the two hundred and fifty feet of waterfront of course if you’re not feeling the beach there is an impressive pool to dip your toes in truly this property gives you the option to do whatever you please and as it should for 50 million dollars so there you have it the five most expensive homes for sale in Miami right now personally I think I might have to take a look at number three on our list that yard those hardwood floors it’s exactly what I’m looking for but you tell me which home was your favorite let me know in the comments down below if you enjoy the video make sure to leave a like and subscribe and as always I’m mr.

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