Wide open spaces cowboy boots, galore barbecue around every corner. There are a lot of things to love about Texas and perhaps that’s. The reason why so many people flock to this diverse state.

All they say everything is bigger. In Texas and when it comes to the price of the most expensive homes, that is certainly true – some mansions for sale in Texas cost 30 times more than the average American will make in their lifetime.

After learning that I knew I had to take a look at some properties to see what exactly is going down in the Lone Star State, I’ll, shine your cowboy boots and put on that hat, because today we’re, going to Take a look at the most expensive homes for sale in Texas number, five one.

Oh two, one! Oh great leg. Nineteen point: five million dollars: now we’ve chatted a bit about the Wild West appeal of Texas, but ignoring the incredible cities, would be an injustice, especially when some of the cities have homes that look like this one.

Oh two, one, oh straight lane in Dallas, is an unbelievable home with immense history put on the market by a hedge fund manager and his wife, a chairperson for Planned Parenthood and several charities.

The home has hosted rock concerts and plenty of political fundraisers, including multiple attended by Barack Obama. Texas has its pockets of blue, and this home was certainly one of them listed at nineteen point five million dollars.

The house looks much more like an art museum than a home, but that wouldn’t stop me from living in it. Just look at that. Staircase imagine strutting down those with your cashmere robe on and a glass of scotch in hand.

The home is around 11,000 square feet with 11 bathrooms, seven bedrooms and plenty of Windows. It really takes that glasshouse proverb to the next level. The home is covered in stunningly, lit archways, open living spaces and white marble.

Of course, the home includes gourmet kitchen, a home theater and a billiards room. The grounds of the home are where it truly shines, set on six acres that again looks more like a park or museum grounds than a yard.

This home includes a luxury in-ground heated pool, as well as a large modernist Cabana. Of course, if you’d like to spend more time in the Texas Sun, there’s, also a large tennis court and the lake on the property as well.

Moving on to number four 1,000 Kirby Drive Houston twenty million dollars for twenty million dollars. You could snag up one thousand Kirby Drive in Houston, Texas. You might want to wear a ball gown when you enter, because the entryway doesn & # 39.

Home For Sale In Texas

T look like it was made for yoga pants and loungewear. Like I said, everything is bigger in Texas and chandeliers. The size of a tiny home are apparently included in that this nine bedroom 15 bath home has twenty three thousand eight hundred and seventy square feet, which includes the standard things you’d, expect in a twenty million dollar home.

It has a master suite room sized closets. It has a dining room. Oh my uh-hum, dining hall ball room, dining room hybrid, never mind because it isn’t the only dining room in the home. You have the formal, dining room, the informal dining room, the executive, dining room and a business stoning room all completely necessary.

I’m sure. Basically, you’re, getting your own Palace of Versailles right in Texas. It is a reception parlor for crying out loud. So yes, it’s, a regal home. It’s, got rooms that surely only the maids will ever step foot in.

But where’s, the fun? Where can you let loose? Forget how to curtsy and maybe dare I say, slip-on some sweatpants and relax. You could start in the entertainment Cabana by the pool, the waterfall fountain and the hot tub.

If you’re hungry, you can nip over to the gazebo in hire a hibachi chef to whip you up something on the hibachi grill, while the kids run over and play on the full playground on the property. At the end of the day, you can head up to your own home, spa fitness center and beauty salon, quite the beautiful crib.

Home For Sale In Texas

Indeed, I have to say and now number three Gerhard ranch: 20 five million dollars. We’ve, seen a home that rivals the Palace of Versailles. We’ve dabbled in Houston and Dallas, but what about those wide-open spaces I was talking about? You can get a mansion anywhere for the right price, but it’s hard to come by land in a lot of places.

If you’re looking to put on some mud boots and you & # 39, ve got 25 million dollars to drop. Look no further than Gerhardt ranch right outside of Fort Davis, Texas. The ranch is 9150 four acres and rises from swaths of savanna grass at 5,200 feet all the way up to the beautiful mountains at 6,800.

Feet of elevation originally founded in 1890. This ranch home comes with a big bit of Texas history. That is sure to add to that high price tag. The ranch comes with a 3-bedroom 2bath home, but that really isn’t.

What the property is about, the home has dozens of barns, cattle pens, a saddle house, an outdoor camping area and miles and miles of fencing. I’m no country boy. I think my voice alone makes that pretty clear, but there’s, something about this property.

That really does it for me, those rolling mountains, the amber waves of grain through miles of roads, to explore on your own property. It’s. Quite impressive: I can just picture myself roasting some marshmallows out there and you know hiring people to do the farm work.

For me, number two one hundred Carnarvon Drive Houston thirty million dollars. One hundred comma Vaughn Drive in Houston is the polar opposite of Gerhardt ranch ringing. In at thirty million dollars, this eight bed – 12 bath home, has 26,000 square feet and an incredible amount of amenities.

This home is a palace and it wants you to know it upon entry. You’re met with this. If you’ve ever wanted to live in a home that got its inspiration from a Renaissance era. Church well now’s, your chance, I like luxury – I mean it is my name after all, but I’m, not sure I could keep a straight face welcoming my guests into this room, but it doesn’t.

Stop there. The Home has stained glass, domes spiral, staircases and formal dining rooms. Galore the home also comes with a massage room, a walk-in fridge for flowers and catering, a detached staff quarters and a separate wing for guests or rentals, which includes a for hair salon.

The home also comes with a guy rehaan, a billiards room, a music room and a full theater and finally, number 127 marlane Houston. Thirty-Five million dollars. We’ve, finally reached the most expensive home for sale in Texas and honestly, it feels like a perfect representation of the state itself.

If you want the natural beauty of Texas, mixed with the city appeal of new architecture and diverse cultures, twenty-seven mottling is your kind of house. However, it is thirty-five million dollars or you might want to start saving the four bedrooms.

7 baths house is like something out of a futuristic movie. Everything in the home can be controlled from an iPad using state-of-the-art software. The home is also fitted with exotic materials, including an entire kitchen island made from rare golden and red onyx.

The Jim stone, not the pokeball, although that would probably bump the price up another few million. The home has a full gym: a completely glass meditation room, a media room with a retractable wall and a gourmet kitchen.

So where does nature come in 27? Motley sits on a reserve which includes a 5 acre lake with an island and wetlands from the pool you can look over at your Buffalo Bayou and taking the thousands of birds and wildlife that now call your land home quite the compound.

Indeed, so there you have it the five most expensive homes for sale in Texas right now, which one is your favorite. Let me know in the comment section down below: if you enjoyed the video, make sure to leave a like and subscribe and as always, I’m.
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