Finding the perfect home can be a bit more challenging if your top priorities are maximum square footage and keeping to your budget, but you can technically have the best of both worlds, especially if you expand your search beyond the big cities from the small city of Kalamazoo.

Missouri to the low country feel of Georgetown South Carolina. These properties are located in the under-the-radar towns and suburbs and they all came in at less than $ 300,000. So this is a list of some of the cheapest mansions that for some reason nobody wants to buy.

First mansion, we’re, going to go ahead and talk about is labeled as a beauty with a backstory. This house is located at 1301 South Street in Lexington Missouri, and this mansion is for sale at one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars located just 45 minutes away from Kansas City.

Lexington is one of those places where nearly everything has a historical connection. Proof the courthouse still has a cannonball from the 1861 Battle of Lexington lodged in its exterior this expansive nine bedrooms.

7 baths from estate was built in 1840, less than two decades after the city was founded, but its stately exterior isn’t its most interesting feature. It was once the home of William Bradford Waddell, who founded the Pony, Express while it’s.

A bit of a fixer-upper. You’d, be hard-pressed to find a better place for a nine thousand square foot piece of beautiful history. Also, a little bonus, it’s, just blocks from Main streets, cute shops and cafes up.

Next, we have a vintage home on the range and it’s priced at 299 thousand dollars. It’s located at 202, 3 South Henderson Boulevard in Texas. This homes, unusual design, pays homage to Frank, Lloyd, Wright, and rightly so, an architect who studied with Wright, built this house in 1939 with a location just off highway 259.

It offers easy access to a nearby college. This 59 hundred square foot home offers four bedrooms on almost 6 acres with a large terrace, overlooking a private pond inside details include the unusual tile work, built-ins and even modern updates up.

Next, we have a magnificent Manor located in Scranton Pennsylvania. This is actually one of the highest price houses at $ 300,000, but once you see this place, I think you & # 39. Ll understand why, if you ever wanted an old mansion to call your own go to Pennsylvania, sixth largest city, that’s, where you can find a seven thousand eight hundred and forty square foot property, rightly nicknamed the castle restored to its swoon worthy Tudor Revival glory this nine bedroom, 10 bathroom home is incredible in every way.

The exterior details include a charming cobblestone drive, but inside they’re stunning molding and woodwork in nearly every room. Details such as stained, glass and window seats add to the home’s. Charm additional luxuries include a billiards room, a gym and a three-stall carriage house.

But when you’re ready to venture out you’re, just a short drive to the shops, restaurants and nightlife in downtown Scranton. This country escape that’s. Up next is marketed at $ 300,000. It’s located on Rother.

We rode in Arkansas this Little Rock Arkansas suburb has plenty of gorgeous scenery to go around. You can drink it all in on this eight acre estate, which feels more like a resort. After all, there is an Ingram pool.

Three stone fireplaces and a wet bar, this 5,300 square foot homes design even called the attention of Better Homes and Gardens who once featured the property in its pages. As you can see by a lot of these pictures and maybe a little outdated and need some upgrading.

But for a chunk of property like this, I don’t think you can really do too much better mountain views make a beautiful backdrop for the new Tazewell here you’ll, get all the perks of small-town living, including privacy, and plenty Of space, the cheaper than city living cost makes it easier to trade up to larger digs like this elegant four bedroom six bath, all brick home outside you’ll, find plenty of curb appeal and a professionally landscaped lawn on more than Aker inside spending.

More than five thousand square feet you’re gonna find beautiful, yet elegantly laid out rooms that may need some upgrading or more up-to-date design. But I’m sure for the price of this home. You’re, still going to be very happy with this.

It also includes extra rooms like clewd, a rec room with a wet bar and even a large kitchen, with double ovens: up next, we have a house built in the 1930s. This mansion called southern belle is on the market for two hundred and seventy nine thousand dollars.

This six thousand square-foot home boasts six bedrooms and five baths. Just a half an hour from Charleston South Carolina, a suburb of Summerville. It sits on nearly three acres. It’s, also just down the street from the local elementary school.

This house includes original details such as hardwood floors and pine walls in the study, but it has also been updated for more modern taste, with a beautiful new kitchen, custom built-ins and an enormous master suite.

And now this estate, also known as the handsome home which is listed on the market for two hundred and thirty-eight thousand dollars located on Washington Street of Shelbyville built in the 1900s. This colorful Edwardian home is definitely an eye-catcher.

It’s, it’s within walking distance to Shelby’s, Ville historic downtown area and charming town square and also an easy walk to the farmers market on Saturdays. But the 7520 square. Foot 17 room home is also filled with architectural details inside handcrafted, woodwork, stained, glass and 10-foot ceilings make a statement also handsome turrets, add character, and there’s, also a third floor that includes a ballroom up.

Next, we have the Royal retreat, which is on sale for two hundred and seventy nine thousand dollars located in the tiny village of Wild Rose. Wisconsin, the tiny village of Wild Rose is a haven for those who really want to escape the hustle and the bustle of city life.

Its population is less than 725 people, but it’s. Stunning, natural scenery makes the village a destination for anyone who loves the outdoors. There’s, an abundance of hiking trails Class, A trout streams and snowmobiling routes.

That only adds to the allure of this nearly 10,000 square foot home that sits on two and a half acres. Once a bed-and-breakfast, the nine bedroom, seven and a half bath property could be a good place to carry out your own fantasy.

Your guests could even learn about the villages history at the Pioneer Museum, one block away, also not to mention the huge barn that it has located on its property that is fully redone on the inside this home called the sportsman’s.

Paradise is on the market for two hundred and ninety-nine thousand five hundred dollars located in Georgetown South Carolina. This homes biggest draw is its pristine, waterfront location, which makes it a haven for fishing boating and just plain enjoying life.

This traditional-style home occupies a half acre cul-de-sac lot and includes 5,400 square foot of living space. You can curl up in comfort in any of the four bedrooms each with its own bath, but the best feature might be outside with its prime position on the Black River.

The property has its own dock and bulkhead, making it a breeze to get on and off the water. This contemporary cozy listed for 289 thousand dollars located in Kalamazoo Missouri is an old-school modern home.

This custom-built five thousand 374 square foot home occupies a half acre lot inside. The spacious kitchen includes a desk breakfast bar and an eating area. Walls of Windows flood the home with natural light.

The bedrooms are spread over two floors with two roomy main floor bedrooms and an upper-level master suite plus the home is a short drive from the shopping nightlife and restaurants along the southwest, nitch Avenue and downtown Kalamazoo.

Also, definitely something to check out on this house is the massive library like it’s really big. I also want to go ahead and just continue to show you shots of this home, because this is probably my favorite so go ahead and enjoy these clips.

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