Are you planning to buy a condominium in Metro Manila? It is one of the most bustling cities in the Philippines. There are a lot of condos for sale in Manila, but not all of them are equal in footing. Searching for the best neighborhoods is one of the best ways to ensure that your investment will harbor profit. Your clients wouldn’t want to be in a bad neighborhood, would they? Better put, the better the community, the better the income.

If you’re looking for amazing places to invest your money, these you can limit your search to these places in Metro Manila.

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Best neighborhoods to buy condos in Metro Manila

  1. Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. This highly-urbanized neighborhood is flood-proof and self-sustainable. Some local celebrities are even investing in this area. Some international companies and startups have also flocked here. It’s one of Metro Manila’s most successful and urbanized cities.

  1. Ortigas Center, Pasig. It’s Central Business District (CBD) is highly commercial as it has four of the largest malls in the Philippines. It is also home to two universities and remarkable projects. The area is in high demand as it continues to develop. CBD is also considerably cheaper than other areas like Makati and BGC. You will not regret investing here as there is a wide variety of condominium projects here.

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  1. Diliman, Quezon City. The home of the University of the Philippines. This area also contains the country’s leading TV network and most main offices of the country. Developers see the potential of this neighborhood. Plans to connect Diliman to the southern area of Manila are underway. This will help to increase more demand in the neighborhood’s projects.

Condominium projects here significantly appeal to college students and office workers due to the area’s proximity to UP and the main offices.

  1. Malate, Manila. Also considered as Manila’s commercial hub, this neighborhood is often flocked by tourists. Top colleges and universities also have made their home here in Malate. The students in these schools dramatically increase the demand for new and affordable housing units. Investing here in Malate is a good idea as the demand will not easily decrease.

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  1. San Antonio Village, Makati. This last item on the list is a residential village. It attracts young professionals. You should take advantage of this district’s considerably low price per square meter and its impressive rental yield of 10.46%. It has unique restaurants and shops. Investing in this neighborhood is a must. It is a developing village promising high rewards in the future.

manila condos for sale

Location is everything in the real estate business. These neighborhoods are the best that Metro Manila has to offer. They show promising futures with increasing demands and interesting projects. If you’re looking for condos for sale in Metro Manila, these places are a must see. Don’t miss out on the potential of these districts and villages, invest now and reap your rewards later!